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The new D3 ION S features the same performance as the ION but with a softer flex from the middle of the ski forward. It too has the perfect blend of speed - with the balance and natural equilibrium but with the soft forebody that allows the skier to engage the tip quicker. The ION S traces its heritage to our highly successful ARC S and EVO S.

Like the ION, the new ski profile makes the ION S easy to ride in a balanced stance over the middle of the ski. The result - more time and space - into the buoy. The ION S allows that element of touch to regulate ski attitude and width with precision.

You may want to consider the ION S if you like to ride a slightly larger ski or may be on the lighter side of the weight range.

ION supports skiers of all levels and at the same time exceeds the expectations of the most demanding and highest intensity skier.



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